Harmony Arts Spokane

Both Alice and Chuck have been commissioned to do  paintings since 2015.  

In 2018, they've primarily shown at New Moon Gallery, 

1326 E. Sprague, on the corner of Perry & Sprague.



Founded: 2012

Owner: Chuck & Alice Harmon


Areas of expertise:  Oil & acrylic painting

Awards & Recognition

Chuck & Alice have been juried into shows and events like Art on the Green, Spokane Studio Art Tour, and Terrain.

Alice started painting as a girl and has been painting off and on for about 70 years.  Chuck started painting in 2009. 


In 2011, both Alice and Chuck showed at Avenue West  gallery in Spokane, WA.  Since 2013, they've been participating in a number of shows and exhibits.  If you've visited this site before, you've noticed that Alice has a style that can't be categorized, and Chuck does landscapes and abstracts.  As of November 2016 Alice and Chuck have their work on the walls of New Moon Art Gallery, at Sprague and Perry. 

Alice and Chuck Harmon's Art

Alice won $200 for her Tiger Lily panting at the annual River ridge show in October 2015.